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In Sync Healing

     At In Sync Healing, we offer a variety of holistic services that are provided by Licensed Medical Massage Therapist and Doctor of Natural Medicine, Sherri Ault.  Some of the services offered include multiple types of massage, Energy Psycotherapy, and Bio-Energetics using The Medicine Way software, Spectra Vision 2 (SV.2) technology and Roxiva Light Therapy.

     With our massage service, we offer medical massage, deep tissue massage, and trigger point release that focuses on corrections and restoration.  Massage appointments can be booked with a variety of time options.



 With Bio-Resonance Scanning the body's normal frequencies can be evaluated right down to the DNA.  This scan can locate areas that show stress or malfunction and it can show areas of early energetic imbalances before symptoms may occur.

     The Medicine Way software can uniquely bio-energetically assess organ and system imbalances.  Appropriate therapy can then be provided through the headphones and additionally create and imprint remedies specific to your individual needs.  With our technologically advanced equipment, these scans can be done remotely by using a sample of your DNA (typically hair).

  The process is non-invasive and free of any radiation.  You will be able to see the analysis for yourself and experience real-time results of the therapy.  It is a safe option for identifying areas of health imbalance and for making a plan to bring the body back into balance and optimal health.

The Roxiva Light uses powerful stroboscopic light and sound technology to create reliable and consistent states of mind for increased wellness in your home and work life.

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