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Sherri Ault, Owner/Practioner, In Sync Healing


Hello, as the founder of In Sync Healing I am fortunate to do what I love – assisting people in maintaining whole-body harmony through both hands-on work as well as energy balancing.

My professional emphasis in Natural Healing Methods for the past 30 years has included Medical Massage, Homeopathy, Supplements, Natural Foods, Kinesiology and Bionetics. I’m also a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist (LMMT) and am keenly aware of the toll that modern-day living can take on our lives and bodies, where disease begins.

My professional qualifications are from the Colorado School of Healing Arts and the Institute of Bio-Energetic Medicine. I received my Doctorate in Natural Medicine in June 2020. I am also a licensed medical massage therapist in the states of Ohio and Colorado. I have a certificate in Nutritional and Behavioral Kinesiology and am currently furthering my education in science and medicine. I believe that everyday people, no matter how they work or play, deserve the very best quality of life and I see it as my mission to help you achieve that.

I look forward to meeting you soon. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

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