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Bioenergetic Technologies

Bionetic Body Scan

by SpectraVision

What Is It?

Bionetic Body Scan is a non-invasive Bio-Energy balancing that identifies stress in the body. This technology is an integration of the ancient Chinese model of acupuncture and wellness with modern biofeedback and physio-feedback technology. The process is non-invasive and free of any radiation. You will be able to see for yourself the analysis and results of real time therapy. The metabolic process of our body can be measured and compared against thousands of other signals in our body. It determines where our stressors lie and where balancing should begin. We can scan for imbalances and indicators of “illness” and “stress” in each individual. The Body Scan creates a complex picture of what is needed in the body, or what areas might need detoxification and allows us to develop more effective massage therapy and/or therapeutic treatments tailored to your specific needs.

Why It Works

Every cell in your body can communicate with one another using electromagnetic signals much like cell phones do. The SpectraVision can communicate with your body using these same low-level electrical signals to help uncover energy patterns that may be interfering in your quest for health.

Bionetics works with the cause of the imbalance rather than the symptom. It addresses the reason for the imbalance. It isolates the issues that block recovery and aids in the process of energy re-balancing through customized homeopathic remedies, energetic frequencies and non-invasive laser treatments.

The SpectraVision’s evaluation process scans for the stressful influences of toxic substances. Some of the testing categories are airborne allergies, bacteria, food allergies, viruses, parasites, yeast, mold, fungus, dental materials, hormones, chemicals, vaccination toxicity, environmental and industrial pollution, pesticides, metals, and more.

The Importance of Tune-Ups

When your scan is complete it has gathered information about your body, stating the need to address stressors and what will help address those stressors. Biological changes occur right away and throughout the next 8 weeks. 

When we do your tune-up, we will be addressing the potency and dilution of the stressors (chemical, allergens etc, & benefiters such as nutrients & flower essences to support the emotional body).


The Medicine Way 


The medicine way software can uniquely bio-energetically assess organ and system imbalances. Your practitioner can then provide appropriate therapy through the headphone and additionally create and imprint remedies specific to your individual needs.

With color-coded graphics, areas of stress or bio-energetic imbalances are identified in each organ system. After identifying the specific health challenges for every individual, a method called Mta-Therapy is used to treat problem areas by giving corrective frequencies to restore cellular harmony so that the body’s natural healing can occur.

Every cell, tissue, organ and system of our bodies have resonating frequencies. Much like an orchestra, if one area of the body gets out of tune, it affects that individual’s entire performance or proper function. Special sensors inside the headphones detect electromagnetic frequency waveforms from the brain. The advanced software decodes, analyzes, and displays the results on our computer screen.

A detailed analysis include: Brain, Thyroid, Stomach, Pancreas, Gallbladder, Bones, Cellular DNA, Skin, Sinuses, Lymph, Intestines, Heart, Kidneys, Discs, Male & Female Organs, Bladder, Throat, Lungs, Spleen, Liver, and Nerves.

The process is non-invasive and free of any radiation. You will be able to see for yourself the analysis and real-time results of the therapy. It is a safe option for identifying areas of health imbalance and for making a plan to bring the body back into balance and optimum health.

With Bio-Resonance Scanning the body’s normal frequencies can be evaluated, right down to the DNA, to locate abnormal areas that show stress of malfunction. The analysis can show areas of early stress before symptoms may occur.

Common causes of stress that can lead to dysfunction are: Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, and Toxins. While common System Imbalances include skeletal, nervous, muscular, cellular, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, urinary, lymphatic, sensory systems and hormones.

Please note, The Medicine Way was designed for research and educational purposes. No claims are made for the diagnosis or treatment of medical diseases. Results may vary. Accommodations must be made with individuals who have pacemakers, defibrillators, and unstable heart rhythms or are pregnant or under 5 years of age.

Roxiva Light Therapy 

Experience the power that audio visual brainwave entrainment has to offer to you for creating lasting beneficial change.

Leave the world behind for a while and come back revitalized as you let go, relax, improve your focus and much more. Roxiva sessions assist with deep meditation and hypnotherapy, reduced stress, improved sleep quality, elevation of mood, motivation and wellbeing, consciousness exploration, creative visualisation, and even recreational drug free psychedelic journeys.  Using flickering white light combined with sound, the roXiva RX1 will effortlessly guide you into deeply relaxing or profoundly inspiring states of mind consistently and reliably. It does this using a natural ability of the brain called the Frequency Following Response.

Bionetics Insight Scan
Body Scan Rates*
  • $120/90 min or $80/hour

  • What is Bionetic/Bioenergetic testing and how does it work?
    Bionetic testing performed by placing your hand on a scanner or via a hair analysis for those that are long distance, is a type of electro-vibrational testing developed by Dr. Reinhold Voll in Germany in the 1940’s through 1950’s to measure acupuncture meridian energy flow or communication pathways in the human body.
  • What is the BodyScan?
    The BodyScan is an FDA registered biofeedback/stress testing device that measures your physiological response to outside stimuli.
  • What is Bionetics?
    Bionetics is a term which embraces all aspects of the body’s energetic and informational dimensions or life systems. It involves stress testing using a wide variety of modalities such as Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, nutrition and Bioresonance therapy.
  • What is Bioenergetics?
    Bioenergetics is a term used to refer to all aspects of the growing science that combines modern biofeedback technology with principles of Vibrational and Traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Can I work with my regular physician and also use Bionetic testing?
    More and more physicians are open to an integrative or multidimensional approach to medicine. If you have a physician, it is a good idea to inform him/her of your decision to consult a Bionetic Practitioner who uses homeopathic remedies and nutritional recommendations as part of your wellness program.
  • What can I expect from my first Scan?
    The goal of a Bionetic Practitioner is to help you bring your body into balance. It is documented that stress can lead to blocked energy which can then lead to all types of diseases in the body. Although we don’t treat symptoms or cure any disease, you will find that as your energy begins to flow more freely and body systems become balanced, your symptoms will clear.
  • How does stress affect my health?
    One definition of stress is “a maladaptive response to change in the environment”. Finding ways to deal with stress is critical to wellness. Although stress affects individuals differently, one fact is beyond dispute: stress, especially unresolved, long-term stress, is a primary contributor to psychological and biological illness.
  • What will my wellness protocol include?
    Homeopathy, nutritional supplements, dietary changes, flower essences, lifestyle changes and exercise may all help bring your body and communication pathways into balance. Together we will work to determine the best course of action for you in your journey toward wellness.
  • What is homeopathy?
    Samuel Hahnemann, a German Physician and an empirical thinker was the originator of homeopathy. Homeopathy is from the Greek words homoios (similar) and pathos(suffering or disease). He discovered a new technique for the curative powers of medicinal substances, an intellectually powerful therapeutic doctrine called “The Law of Similars” or Like cures Like. He discovered that substances in small dose stimulate the organism to heal. This Law of Similars states that any substance which can cause symptoms when given to healthy people can help to heal those who are experiencing similar symptoms.
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